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EDGE Universe

Edge Black Panther represent a collection of 10,000 Panther categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements. The Black Panther are stored as tokens on the BNB blockchain.

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The Rise of Black Panther Legends

As the first hero of the Black Panther, collection has over 9,999 unique skins drawn from the different missions and challenges he faced throughout his life.

Chose your own Avtar and Character in Games and in Virtual World. We have the unique plateform who gives freedom to users to use his or her own look as chosen by You on this respective plateform. We provide apropriate enviornment for your reality.

Why EDGE Plateform ?

We are adapting into Web 3.0 and new era of Metaverse. For being first in race we are with Metaverse as our first priority to contribute. This project is unique in itself just because of NFTs Plateform. Our main project is Metaverse and a contribution to the next technology.

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Advantage of Minting

Investors have many reasons to want to buy assets that are tokenized into NFTs. Some of the advantages of investing in NFTs include:

Anyone can invest in NFTs. Investing in tokenized assets is accessible to everyone. Asset ownership that is tokenized into an NFT can more easily and efficiently be transferred among people anywhere in the world.

NFT ownership is secured by a blockchain. Using blockchain technology to digitally signify ownership can make an investor's ownership of an asset more secure. Blockchain tech can also make ownership of assets more transparent.

It's an opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology. Investors can become more knowledgeable about blockchain, while diversifying their portfolios, by allocating a small sum to tokenized assets.

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Why Choose Us?

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    Huge Collection

    A collection of 10,000 unique Black Panthers built to go beyond the digital space that will unlock numerous benefits for our community.

  • 02

    High Quality

    The Black Panthers collection includes dozens of rare heads, costumes, and colorways of the artist's palette. They are drawn with great care.

  • 03

    Top Resource

    Tasty design resources made with care for each pixel. Tokens, NFTs, metaverse and game resources. Access additional drops.

  • 04

    Big Community

    Be part of a community of Black Panther's owners and create user generated items. Rent, advertise, launch stores, create items.

Our Collection

Black Panther represent a collection of 10,000 Panthers categorized by level of rarity and generated with hundreds of elements. The Black Panthers are stored as tokens on the BNB blockchain.

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Phase 01

Q3, 2021


Market Researches.

Team Build & Development EDGE.

Phase 02

Q4, 2021

Select The Character Of NFTs.

Plan Advertising And Giveaways.

Partnership And Collaborations.

Design 3D Black Panther Concept.

Beta Version EDGE Token.

Phase 03

Q2, 2022

Metaverse 3.0 Launch

Edge Token Final Version Launched.

Listing on Exchange.

NFT Drop Calendar Listing.

Marketing Compaign to reach out to People.

Beta Version NFTs Launched.

White Paper Launched.

Phase 04

Q3, 2022


Black Panther Conception With Traits.

Launching Date Announce.

Phase 05

Q4, 2022

Marketing list

Marketing Listing (BSC Blockchain).

Create Policy ID & Policy ID Verification.

Prepare For Pre Sale & Public Mint.

Minting First Collection.

Phase 06

Q1, 2023


Trade Royalty will be Distributed to Holders.

Release The Party Charts.

Listing On Secondary Marketing Places.

Charity & Holders Rewards.

We Want This Stage to Be Community Led.

Phase 07

New Era


Into The Metaverse.

Game Design & Development.

P2P Game.


Create and sell your NFTs

1. Set up your wallet

Once you've set up your wallet of choice, connect it to OpenSeaby clicking the NFT Marketplacein the top right corner.

2. Create Your Collection

Click Create and set up your collection. Add social links, a description, profile & banner images, and set a secondary sales fee.

3. Add Your NFTs

Upload your work (image, video, audio, or 3D art), add a title and description, and customize your NFTs with properties, stats.

4. List Them For Sale

Choose between auctions, fixed-price listings, and declining-price listings. You choose how you want to sell your NFTs!

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